Hello everyone!  This is George Marks.  I would like to tell you about a brand new way for band alumni to stay connected with the band.  This year, with the support of the Boosters, we are going to try to set up a few events in order to keep graduates more involved with the band.  The plan now is to play the National Anthem at a football game this fall and to play at a basketball game this winter.  You will get a free t-shirt for participating in one or both of the events.  Alumni are a critical part of the success of the band because through our continued support of the program, the band can excel to new heights and we can inspire people who are on the fence about the activity to stay in it.  Due to the events of last December and the tightened security of the school corporation, you will have to get an extended background check in order to participate in this group.  The check costs around $32 but it is a one-time fee that will cover you in the future.  A link is provided for the background check. You can also find more information about this activity on the brand new band alumni tab on the Plainfield Band website.  If you know any other former band members that I should add to this contact list, please email me separately with their contact information.  If you do not want to be a part of this project, please send me a message so I know not to include you in further emails.  Feel free to also contact me with any and all comments and concerns.  Thank you, and I look forward to your future involvement!

I can be reached via email at

Link to extended background check

P.S. – You should try to bring your own instrument/equipment if at all possible to these events.  The band is currently at its largest size (150) and there isn’t much to spare.  If you do need to borrow a horn, you are responsible for its care and upkeep during and after a performance.  You should also try to bring your own mouthpiece/reeds if at all possible.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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