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Dear Band Family, Alumni, and Supporters

All of us know how important Band and Guard can be to our students. Beyond just musical and athletic skill, it promotes teamwork, higher academic achievement, time management skills, pride, friendship, and a sense of accomplishment that can last far beyond high school.

As you also know, it is an activity that financially can be out of reach for some families, and sometimes, these are the students that need the support of band the most.

The Plainfield Red Pride Band Boosters are reaching out to you, our Family, Alumni, Businesses, and Supporters, to ask for your support for those students in need.

To support one student is $500 for a season. If you are able to donate to our Student Fund (any amount). This Fund will help our organization support students who have demonstrated financial need in our community.

The more you can help fund our effort, the more Band students we can support in this wonderful experience of music and friendship.

Your donations are tax-deductible. Please e-mail for more information.

March/Spin on!

Plainfield Red Pride Band Boosters



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