The purpose of the Plainfield Red Pride Band Boosters is to support all of the
programs that fall under the guidance and instruction of the Band Director(s) of
Plainfield High School.
The Boosters will operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as
defined in Section501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Article 5, not for profit
The Boosters are dedicated to providing supplemental financial support for the
Plainfield High School (PHS) band programs, communicating with band students,
band parents, Band Director(s), school administrators, and the community; working
in conjunction with the Band Director(s) to develop and improve the band program,
organize and oversee various band activities; providing fund raising activities for
band students and Booster members; assisting in the maintenance of band
equipment, supplies and uniforms; chaperoning and supervising band students
during band related activities; advocating for the best interests of PHS students and
the PHS Band Program; and facilitating other activities that the PHS Band
Director(s), Boosters, and/or the Board of Directors deem necessary or advisable to
further the PHS Band Program.


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