How to Sign Up

  • Visit
  • “Register” to create an account. Join the existing PHS Band Booster Scrip program with enrollment code # C3FCL7LL33781
  • Enter the information to create your account.
  • After your account is set up you will need to enter your personal banking information. There is an option for unpaid check orders, but we will not be accepting this option. You will pay for orders by entering your savings account or checking account information.
    • Click on “Dashboard”, then under “Your Orders” click on “PrestoPay”. Read the terms and click Agree, then enter your banking information.
  • After setting up your banking information, Scrip will deduct two very small amounts from your account to make sure it is an active account (along the lines of fifteen cents and ten cents).
  • After scrip has verified your account, you will be sent a four digit code. That code MUST be emailed to me at before you can begin ordering. I will email you back and let you know that I have you all set up under our band boosters.

How to Order

  • Click “Shop”. You will see lots and lots of vendors. You can sort by alphabet or type.
  • Click on a vendor and it will show you options. Not all vendors will have the same options but most offer a gift card, ScripNow (which is a printable ecard) or reload an existing card.
  • Orders will be processed Sunday evening at 8:00…so have your orders for the week in by Sunday at 8:00pm.
  • All scrip cards will be passed out at band Thursday at 8:30pm. I will be holding a big sign “Crazy Scrip Lady” and easy to find!
  • Scrip cards will NOT be sent to school with my kids to give to your kids.
  • If you choose the ScripNow option those can just be printed up from your own computer and do not have to be passed out on Thursday night.
  • FYI…If you let a card set dormant for too long, scrip will NOT let you reload it. (Usually about two months) If you reload a gift card at a store, the boosters will not receive any money for that!
  • After marching band season, scrip cards can be picked up at my house on Thursday evenings from 8:30-9:00pm. More details on this will come later.
  • Please be aware, since money is being drawn out of your savings or checking account, if there is non-sufficient fund, scrip charges the boosters $30. You will be responsible for reimbursing that money back to the Plainfield Red Pride Band Boosters.
  • If you have any questions, please contact me at

Printable Scrip Instructions

Participating Retailers
Participating Retailers by Category

What is Scrip?
Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop®. This amazingly successful fundraising program works for any school, church, team, club or other non-profit! Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for your organization when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (like gas and groceries) instead of the usual credit/debit card or other money. Scrip works equally well for onetime fundraising goals or year-round programs. Great Lakes Scrip Center® has helped thousands of organizations earn more than 500 million dollars over the last 20 years.

The Basics of a Scrip Program

  • Your music group members buy retail gift cards through your scrip program at face value.
  • They choose from nearly 400 national retail stores where they already shop. Click here for a full retailer list.
  • Your music group buys the gift cards at 1-13% less than face value (varies by retailer).
  • The difference between face value and what your group pays = your group’s earnings.
  • Your fundraising has begun!

Here’s an Example
Mrs. Smith needs some gardening supplies, so she buys a $100 The Home Depot® gift card for $100 through her son’s school scrip fundraiser. Cha-ching! She just earned $4 for the school because The Home Depot gift cards are available from Great Lakes Scrip Center at 4% less than face value. When Mrs. Smith checks out at The Home Depot, she pays with her gift card instead of using a credit or debit card!  She will do the same thing when she needs cleaning supplies at Target®, and earn $2.50 just by using a $100 Target GiftCard to pay for her purchases.

Top Five Scrip Program Benefits

  1. No selling random, unwanted, overpriced “stuff” to family and friends.
  2. Earnings add up fast!  It’s easy for a single family to generate $600 to $1000 or more per year.
  3. Everyday family purchases become every day earnings for your band or music group.
  4. Families are motivated and engaged with the program.
  5. All or part of the earnings a member generates can go towards their individual fees or expenses.

Top Five Family Benefits

  1. Plan ahead to buy groceries, gas and other household expenses with gift cards from scrip.
  2. Shop in-store or online with participating retailers.
  3. Use gift cards to pay at checkout, just like they would use a credit/debit card, but without the fraud risk.
  4. Scrip program earnings are much greater than credit card rewards.
  5. No unnecessary spending, families spend their planned household budget at stores they already frequent.

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